Ferrero is committed to using environmentally-friendly methods all over the world.
To this end:
- we organise projects and operational programs that respect the environment in all the fields we operate in;
- we manage our factories by using energy, materials and natural resources in an efficient manner, with the aim of reducing their environmental impact, reducing waste and refuse and, where possible, using renewable energy sources;
- we are aware of the fact that the conservation of water quantity and quality is not just an environmental problem, but a challenge which faces the entire agricultural, economic and social system. Therefore we are committed to the responsible management of water resources;
- we establish our environmental objectives and undertake to measure the progress we have made;
- we are committed to educating our partners so that the principles listed above will be followed everywhere and by all echelons of our organisation.
- in order to ensure that all this is systematically guaranteed, the company has implemented an Environmental Management System in line with ISO 14001:2004.

Thanks to this system, every Group premises promotes a global approach, reconciling company activities and growth with local concerns so as to protect the environment.