“Work, create and give”

These are the guiding principles of the Piera, Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero Foundation, established in Alba in 1983 at the wish of Michele Ferrero.

The Foundation works with tireless enthusiasm and commitment. Its work embraces social solidarity and culture, and emphasises the finest aspects of the human condition.

In the sphere of social support, the Ferrero Foundation offers health and social assistance to ex-employees who have worked continously for the Group for at least 25 years. The Foundation furthers educational, creative and recreational initiatives fot its ex-employees.

The cultural sector, on the other hand, promotes activities in the areas of art, science, history, and literature, through the organisation of conventions, conferences, seminars and exhibitions. A particular objective is to highlight the personalities and the work of people with connections to the Alba area or Piedmont, like Macrino d'Alba, Elvio Pertinace, Beppe Fenoglio, Pinot Gallizio, Pietrino Belli, Roberto Longhi and Giuseppe Vernazza. Each of these has been the subject of an exhibition, a convention or a publication.

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