“My wish is that the people who have contributed with me to developing innovative products should have at their disposal physical space and resources so that they can continue to learn new things, and that the fruit of their learning will, in its turn, benefit others.”

“It is profoundly mistaken to think of seniority and retirement as a frontier that marks the end of an active life.
Perhaps the attitudes of today's society towards senior citizens have their roots in a mentality based on materialism and productive capacity, which disregards the spiritual values and the heritage of experience, wisdom and humanity that the older person has accumulated over the years and can pass on to the young...”

“It is these fundamental considerations that have fuelled my own and my family's determination to deal with these attitudes within the Ferrero Group; this resolve has led us to create a Foundation that will honour the work, the spirit of self-denial, the sense of responsability and the precious loyalty of so many colleagues."

Michele Ferrero, Alba 28 Oct 1983